American Express Membership Rewards V SkySilk SkyPoints

Running a business can be tough, we all know it. But with a little elbow grease and some smart decision making, it can be very lucrative! Though one decision many small and medium sized business owners tend to overlook is the cloud. Either they never consider how utilizing the internet could really help them, or they sign up for the first cloud service they happen across. The real mistake in doing this is missing out on some amazing rewards! We all know that no 2 credit cards are not declared equal, as they can give you a variety of cashback rewards, reward points or thank you points, or a variety of other perks. But what few business owners really know is that you can get the same kind of love from a cloud service provider!

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Build an Online Course with Moodle LMS

With the advent of online learning softwares, education as an industry has grown substantially over the last several years! Many schools and teachers are looking to start using different Learning Management Software (LMS) to help grow their online academies. Many of these software can become quite expensive, but thanks to TurnKey Linux Open Source apps, there is a free and effective option! Organizations big and small use Moodle LMS for their open source LMS. Major universities such as the California State University of Northridge have used Moodle in their course development!

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How To Install Apache Web Server on Your Linux VPS

How to Install An Apache Web Server On A Linux VPS

The Apache Software Foundation is one of the most venerable open source software houses of the modern era, presiding over a multitude of projects which shape the internet as we know it. One of the most ubiquitous, and equally unappreciated, project is the Apache HTTP server. The Apache web server has been the workhorse of the internet since the mid 90’s, and continues to be one of the top web servers in use to this day. Additionally, use it for highly interactive, moderate user load web pages. As such, you will find it in every major Linux distros repository. So when discussing how to install Apache Web Server on a Linux VPS, the conversation is quite short.

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DocuWiki Logo

Using a DokuWiki VPS to Create Knowledge Bases

Many small businesses and start-ups selling a new service or feature need a customized knowledge base for their business. A great way to manage and support such a knowledge base is with a DokuWiki VPS. This is just one of many ways that the Cloud can help small Businesses.

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Turnkey Linux

Advantages of Turnkey Linux Appliances on Self-Hosted VPS

A self-hosted VPS is a great way to run software and applications from the cloud. Thanks to Turnkey Linux Appliances, one-click install options take all of the manual work out of installing packages on a bare-metal Linux environment. A Turnkey Linux VPS is easy to use, and they allow for users to create powerful, customizable solutions that are completely open source. Read on to see how Turnkey Linux apps can help you achieve your goals in any niche market.

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Why to Use an Open Source CRM Like SugarCRM

Most businesses may want to opt for an Open Source CRM. However, there is only one open source CRM that competes with more expensive options. SugarCRM is hands down the best option for almost any company looking to grow! It is backed by a large community of developers. It comes with a vast library of SugarCRM themes and SugarCRM plugins. And thanks to SkySilk’s use of Turnkey Linux, you can get free SugarCRM hosting!

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3 Linux Desktop Environments That Optimize Productivity

When using a VPS, one rather undermentioned use case is the ability to run a full desktop environment on your virtual machine via Remote Desktop Protocol. Linux desktop environments can be a fantastic way to boost and streamline your productivity. The use of a Linux GUI is an exceptional way to help increase output. We’re going to take a look at our 3 top picks for Linux desktop environments to run on a VPS.

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Manage Money & Get Paid Using Simple Invoices on Linux VPS

Simple Invoices is an open source, free to use, invoice maker with a wide variety of free invoice templates. It provides freelancers, non-profits, and small business a user-friendly way to bill customers and track invoices. It’s for people who don’t want the hassle of larger accounting programs, such as GNU Cash, Quicken, or Quickbooks. Simple Invoices is a web based invoicing system developed by the community for the community. It helps users create quick and nice looking invoices without having to set up too much. Install the software, enter a biller, a customer, and go nuts creating invoices!

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OpenVPN Logo

Using an OpenVPN Server to Secure and Mask Browsing History

A Virtual Private Network, or VPN, is a must-have when browsing the internet in 2017. The fight for Net Neutrality continues to blur the lines about what ISPs are allowed to do with users’ data, and as a result, securing individual browsing history is becoming a bigger concern than ever before. See how an OpenVPN Server, specifically an OpenVPN Linux Server, can help mask browsing history, can allow users to view content not available in a certain region, and much more.

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Using Magento VPS for Ecommerce

Using Magento VPS For A Magento eCommerce Site

Anyone who has ever considered starting up their own eCommerce website or business has, at some point, probably run into Magento. Where many other scripts, software, and plugins help make a small online store, they fall short when compared to a Magento VPS. A Magento eCommerce site is a true workhorse with both power and flexibility. It also has the customization that only open source can offer. 

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