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Private Cloud

No matter how large or small your organization may be, sometimes times a Public Cloud solution is not the perfect fit. That’s why SkySilk offers a full stack of Private Cloud, Managed Cloud, and Hybrid Cloud solutions that can be custom-tailored to your specific needs.

Whether your company demands more compute power for processing, the ability to quickly scale, or simply a more robust object storage solution for your data, SkySilk offers a variety of options and expertise to build your perfect home in the Cloud!

Key benefits include


Independence from
shared platforms
or networks




Fully dedicated


No unintended
interference or effects
from a shared

Private and Hybrid Cloud Solutions typically incorporate


Bare metal, virtual machines, containers


Block, file, object; primary/nearline/backup


Private 40/100 Gb backbone, multipath ISP provision, BGP management, ASN (Autonomous System Number) provision, IPv4 address rental/procurement, firewall and tunneling.

Infrastructure Management

Physical / Virtual

Simply put, SkySilk’s Private or Hybrid Cloud offers everything we like about cloud services
(hands off management, location management, connectivity services, etc.)
without the shared nature of cloud.


Contact us

For more information on Private and Hybrid Cloud
solutions or to speak to one of our Private Cloud
specialists, please call (877) SKY-SILK or email us at
[email protected].

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