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Cloud Roadmapping

Are you looking to migrate to the cloud but have no idea how to go about migrating? That’s because you don’t have a cloud roadmap yet. A cloud roadmap is a path finder to ensure you make a smooth transition to the cloud.

It’s your GPS to help you migrate to the cloud. We’ve prepared this guide to help you make the switch:

  1. The necessity of cloud roadmapping
  2. Start creating your cloud roadmap
  3. What should be included in the cloud roadmap?
  4. Who should you add to the cloud roadmap creation process?
  5. How frequently should you review your cloud roadmap?
  6. The greatest blunder when planning your cloud roadmap

The Necessity Of Cloud Roadmapping

A cloud roadmap is a necessity, not only for your business but for your cloud migration journey. For many organizations, the cloud is a backbone of their entire business models. These companies are running everything in the cloud from product creation to running solutions. Ask yourself if you need a private cloud solution or a public one.

Start Creating Your Cloud Roadmap

Envisioning where you want to see your business is the first step in creating your cloud roadmap. Keep in mind the ways in which technology will evolve in 1-3 years. Brainstorm conceptually at first and avoid rushing into thinking about implementation.

What Should Be Included In The Cloud Roadmap?

The type of business, or industry, you are in will determine the design, route, and architecture of your cloud roadmap. This is going to affect all departments of your business.

Who Should You Add To The Cloud Roadmap Creation Process?

It will be invaluable for the leadership across different departments in your business to have some input into the Cloud Roadmapping process. For example, finance, IT, Business growth, operations all have unique needs that can be addressed by the cloud. Everyone that you include in the creation process must learn how to utilize the cloud.

How Frequent Should You Review Your Cloud Roadmap?

Technology evolves at such a rapid pace it can be hard to keep up. 3-6 months is an appropriate timeline to understand where you are as a business, and changes in your industry. You can also have strategic reviews for 6-9 months.

The Greatest Blunder When You’re Planning Your Cloud Roadmap

Putting your eggs in one basket. Don’t be dependent on one private cloud service. When it is time to expand not all cloud platforms are able to accommodate growth. There can also be complications meaning you’ll lose loads of money and time.

Be broadminded in your planning. Think narrowly and you’re opportunities are narrow.

SkySilk Can Help With Your Cloud Roadmap Creation Process

SkySilk is the best cloud platform to migrate, just choose your VPS plan here. Our team of professionals will advise you on your cloud roadmap creation process and will assist with deployment. Call us today.

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