SkySilk User Spotlight – Simon Discord Bot


Meet SimonBot

for Discord moderation.

“Hey, I’m Simon! I’m a new Discord bot built to serve a host of common and new moderation tools. My job is always to keep your server secure, reporting unfavorable user activity to your Discord server admins. I generate user security scores, manage messages, and bring common functionality in a unified easy-to-use experience built for accessibility.”

-Simon, the Discord Bot

Chat with Simon

Chat with SimonBot in real-time as it brings a new level of interaction to your Discord servers. One of SimonBot’s main focuses is making your life as a Discord moderator easier and more seamless overall.

Custom Security Commands

Secure your server with the bot that knows it all, Simon will help keep track of your users! Simon can load a report of average user U.T.a.S. scores, which includes security and the trust of users.

Constant Feature Updates

Currently, Simon is running on v0.2.0 of its software and is in early development. Future version releases are set to include MUI score retrieval, mySimon interactive panel, Automated Security, and much more! 

Simon in Action:

How to get SimonBot:

Currently, Simon is running on v0.2.0 of its software and is currently in development. You can get Simon on your guild, however, functionality may differ. Add Simon via these instructions.

About xeu100

Developer & creator

“It started when when I wanted to create a modification to a game server. Slowly, I started developing websites, backends, applications, and other little things. I’ve always had an idea of a fun yet secure bot that would make safe spaces online, something new. When Discord came along, I sought to learn about its API and platforms. Now having learned the majority of it, I am attempting this dream with the bot Simon!”

– xeu100

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