cPanel and WHM on SkySilk

cPanel & WHM Features and Uses

SkySilk launched of cPanel and WHM. As we increase our offerings and give you the best experience in your new home in the cloud. This guide will lead you through using cPanel and WHM if you’re new to the software.

What is cPanel and its features?

cPanel is a well-known tool used for managing all services on web hosting accounts. It’s a go-to tool for many web developers. cPanel is intuitive and straightforward; it allows you to manage one or more web hosting accounts at the highest efficiency.

With cPanel, you can:

  • Launch your web presence
  • Build and monitor your website from scratch
  • Set up new email accounts with spam protection
  • Create calendars that are shareable
  • Safely backup and transfer website files that are in your cPanel interface
  • Give your customers permission to utilize FTP controls
  • Enable your expert website owners to manage their chain of domains (creating aliases, adding or removing subdomains, managing DNS zones, and directing website visitors to specific web features)
  • Offer your customers the ability to launch custom databases utilizing tools like phpMyAdmin or MySQL wizard

WHM In Essence

Web Host Manager (WHM) is a robust program that permits administrative admission to the backend of your cPanel. cPanel and WHM work hand in hand giving you control and elasticity. They help in administering either a few well-known and resource-demanding websites or many websites.

WHM also provides you with the choice of creating and administering numerous cPanels; in addition you can sell cPanel hosting services to more people. There are many great reasons if you’ve got business-oriented or prominent sites to put them on individual cPanels.

  • Improved security: If one site gets hacked other sites on your WHM won’t be compromised. Mitigating the risk of your other sites being compromised.
  • Increased privacy: No one will know that your accounts on various cPanels are connected to the self-same WHM account.
  • Sparing you loads of time, anxiety, and finances: In case you own numerous websites that require the processing of credits cards, a WHM account manages credit card processing easily and cost-effectively

Why Run cPanel And WHM On SkySilk?

You not only get added security but it’s also reliable in terms of uptime and is cost-effective. cPanel hosting has never been easier thanks to SkySilk’s platform. Don’t miss out on running your cPanel and WHM on SkySilk’s platform.

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