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Brand Usage Guidelines

Interested in using the SkySilk brand name and/or other assets? This guide will give you tips on properly presenting the assets within your personal material and content.

General Guidelines


The SkySilk assets include the SkySilk name, logo, phrases, images, or any other material which is representative of the SkySilk brand and portrays the origination of any SkySilk product(s).

Please don't modify or manipulate the existing logos, images, or phrases in any way, or confuse the SkySilk brand with your own. Unless otherwise agreed upon, do not suggest SkySilk sponsorship or endorsement.

Download SkySilk Assets

The SkySilk assets including logos, media kits, and other resources can be
downloaded using the link below.

Approved Logo Usage

Below are the approved SkySilk logos and guidelines to follow when using them. Please do not modify or recreate the logos in any way, or present them in a manner to suggest affiliation with SkySilk products unless otherwise agreed upon through partnership.

White Background

Ensures full visibility of the colored logo

Logo - Full

Using the full logo is also acceptable

Semi-Colored Background

A semi-colored background is also OK, as long as the logo is still clearly visible.

Logo - Full Stacked

Using the stacked logo is acceptable as well, so long as its clearly visible.

Disapproved Logo Usage

Color-matched Background

Avoid placing the logo on backgrounds of a similar hexadecimal value.

Color Modifications

Do not modify the logo's original appearance in any way, shape or form. The logo must clearly represent the SkySilk brand.

SkySilk logo icon
Color-matched Background

Instead, use the approved long-form white logo.

Shape Modifications

Do not misrepresent the SkySilk logo in any manner. This includes modifying its original shape, form, and/or rotation. Resizing is OK as long as the logo is still clearly present.

Logo Hexadecimal Values

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