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Magento VPS vs Managed Hosting

So, you want to launch your Magento shop but you get stuck? Or is it time to update your store from the open-source model to Magento Commerce?

You’re left asking, “Should I stick with the Magento open-source model, or do I make the switch to Magento commerce to utilize Magento VPS?” These are important questions to be asking as they directly affect your ability to scale, thus increasing profits.

We want to give you the best information on why Magento VPS is the ideal option for you.

Benefits of Using Magento VPS

There are four main reasons why we believe magneto VPS is the best option.

  • Fast Performance– Through a super optimized CDN (Content Delivery Network) your page load times will be fast and performance robust. 

  • Modern Memento Operational Scanning – Modern memento provides scanning mechanisms for the operation of your websites. Guaranteeing you can consistently provide your customers a speedy and satisfying buying experience.

  • Around-the-Clock Assistance – Magento VPS comes with around-the-clock tracking and support through email. Also, when you sign up for the Magento Commerce Cloud Pro version, you get your own dedicated customer support technician. They will coordinate with your team to ensure everything is running smoothly.

  • Topnotch Security – Magento cloud hosting with SkySilk gives you a secure setting with Magento Commerce. You will also have DDoS security for detecting and neutralizing an attack by redistributing traffic from your primary server keeping it online.

Magento utilizes the most recent security to safeguard your data. Every customer has their own isolated server setting.  The Magento Commerce app is frequently tested to ensure there are no security concerns or vulnerabilities. 

What about Managed Hosting?

There are some benefits to managed hosting but they differ from Magento server hosting.

Works with Magento Open Source – If you have Magento Commerce, you’ll use Magento VPS exclusively. But, that’s not the case with managed hosting. It only supports Magento Open Source. This means that managed hosting will be your ideal choice if you’re not planning to make the move to Magento VPS.

Multiple Cloud Hosting Infrastructure Options – There is an abundance of options available to compare prices and make your selection.

The Bad

You get the best possible services with a Magento cloud server. Full access control, buffed-up security, 1-click installation, scalability, are just a few of the services you get with a Magento cloud server. 

A managed hosting is not a bad option if you’re starting out. However, there are drawbacks:

  • Lack of Scalability – Should your shop take off, with the limited resources of managed hosting, the increased traffic will cause your shop to crash
  • Litany of Providers – Many providers are vying for your business. You’ll be overwhelmed by the options.
  • Optimization Problems – With a Magento VPS, you get an infrastructure that’s built solely to cater to Magento. That’s not the case with managed providers. They will offer you a server that runs a WordPress or drupal platform. They won’t be offering optimal performance

With all due respect to managed hosting, Magento VPS is the clear winner. 

Still, caught in the Magento VPS v.s. managed hosting war? Let`s try

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