TeamSpeak Server Hosting

Create a TeamSpeak server in just seconds using SkySilk’s 1-click installation process. Quality open-source voice chat software great for business teams and gaming. 

TeamSpeak Hosting with SkySilk Cloud Services


Set up own TeamSpeak Server

with professional Cloud hosting

TeamSpeak Server

Instantly deploy and manage your TeamSpeak VPS, starting as low as just $2/month.

Secure Hosting

Added layers of security to your server with built-in DDoS protection and Anti-Virus software.

Collaborate Live

Instantly connect and chat in high-quality with friends, business partners, clients, and team members.

1-Click Server Setup

Easily configure your TeamSpeak server and get up and running with just 1 click.

SSH Access

Access your TeamSpeak VPS using either an SSH key or by enabling password login.

Simple & transparent

TeamSpeak hosting prices

Each class contains its own set of features shown below with more than a dozen different server resource options to choose from.

TeamSpeak hosting

made simple.

Maintain your TeamSpeak cloud server with a variety of tools available within your user dashboard.

With TeamSpeak Server Hosting

you can...

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