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Unveiling a New Feature: Reserved IP Addresses for Enhanced Flexibility

In the ever-evolving landscape of virtualization and server management, SkySilk is thrilled to introduce a new feature: Reserved IP Addresses. This exciting addition empowers users with the ability to reserve regional external IPv4 address tailored to their specific needs. Let’s dive into the details of this feature and explore its benefits, costs, usage scenarios, and how to get the most out of it.

What Is a Reserved IP Address?

Reserved IP addresses offer users the flexibility to reserve regional external IPv4 address, providing a seamless connection to Virtual Private Servers (VPS). This address can be easily reassigned between machines, mitigating the risk of any potential loss.

If you reinstall your virtual machine, the option to reserve your IP ensures continuity by allowing you to use it on your new VPS, maintaining the association of your services with the same IP address. For those strategically planning server or database infrastructure, reserving IP addresses in advance allows DNS names to be pre-defined, providing a proactive approach to network resource management.

The Cost of Reserving an IP Address

The introduction of this feature is accompanied by a cost-effective pricing structure. Reserving an IP address has a monthly fee of no more than $5.00, which equates to only $0.00744 per hour. Importantly, fees are only charged when the reserved IP is not actively associated with a Virtual Private Server (VPS).

While Standard and Premium plans typically include the IP address in the cost of the VPS, opting to reserve the IP will incur the monthly reservation fee. This provides users with a cost-effective solution for scenarios where the continuity of your IP is paramount.

How to Use a Reserved IP

The versatility of Reserved IP Addresses extends to their use in both existing and newly created VPS instances. Even if a VPS is deleted, the reserved IP can be retained and reassigned as needed.

Common usage scenarios include:

1. Seamless Transitions: During virtual machine reinstallation, users can choose to retain their IP address, facilitating a smooth transition to a new VPS.

2. Infrastructure Planning: For strategic organization of server or database infrastructure, reserving IP addresses in advance allows users to predefine DNS names, streamlining network resource management.

Accessing the Reserve IP Feature

Customers gain access to the Reserve IP feature after successful payment of their first invoice (excluding bonuses) or by funding their account using a credit card, PayPal or Alipay. To ensure access, it’s imperative to pay an invoice or refill the account balance here: check your billing info

Limitations and Requests

By default, users can purchase up to 3 reserved IP addresses. If more are needed, additional IP addresses can be requested. This process is the same as requesting additional VPSs. Once the limit of 3 IP addresses is reached, a link to request additional IPs will appear. Submitting the form prompts a quick review, allowing users to secure additional reserved IP addresses quickly.

Explore the Reserve IP feature

In conclusion, Reserved IP Addresses mark a significant stride in offering users enhanced control, flexibility, and continuity in their virtualization efforts. SkySilk is committed to providing innovative solutions that empower users in navigating the dynamic landscape of cloud computing and server management. Explore the Reserve IP feature today and experience a new level of convenience and efficiency in your virtual infrastructure.

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