SkySilk story

SkySilk Cloud Services began as a boutique-style technology start-up offering simple, reliable, scalable, and affordable cloud computing solutions for small to mid sized businesses looking to utilize cloud computing in Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley.

Our goal is to offer cloud resources that range across the entire stack, making it easier for any business to utilize public cloud, hybrid cloud, and/or private cloud deployment.

Simple & Functional

We utilize a combination of established hardware and open-source software to create cloud resources that can be utilized at any layer of the Iaas, Paas, or Saas model. Using services like our public/private cloud platform makes spinning up and scaling out thousands of virtual machines as simple as a few clicks.

Additionally, SkySilk Cloud-In-A-Box allows for installation of a fully functional on-site private cloud infrastructure in less than an hour with only one Hyper-Converged appliance, a process that used to take months and multiple pieces of bulky hardware.

Affordable & Cost Effective

SkySilk offers a range of cloud services and payment models that can be customized to suit any project requirement, whether that be pay-as-you-go virtualized cloud environments or month-to-month rentals of our on-site Hyper Converged Cloud-In-A-Box.By managing and consolidating cloud resources at every layer, we are able to offer lower prices and cost savings benefits that make sense for any business. Through the use of open source technologies, we are pleased to be able to offer extremely competitive prices that are among some of the cheapest cloud prices currently on the market.

We are also the only cloud that rewards you, learn how to earn more cloud savings with SkySilk Rewards.

Elastic Scalability & Open Source Technologies

Our custom public, hybrid, and private cloud infrastructures make automating, scaling, and ultimately deploying intensive workloads an easy reality for any business application imaginable. You can instantly deploy multiple virtual machines and scale them in real time based on demand, or even deploy a fully functioning cloud infrastructure on-site in an hour or less.

Through the use of open source software such as ProxMox VE, Ceph™, KVM, and QEMU among others, we've taken the initial legwork out of server setup and system administration, so you can focus more time on innovating and less money on infrastructure.

Reliability & Data Security

We treat your data as if it was our own. That is why we have developed multiple layers of security into all of our products, ensuring the highest levels of integrity and security for our customers and our own systems. SkySilk engineers have architected every layer of our infrastructure with security in mind, ensuring our services are always highly available, completely fault tolerant, and that there is never any one single-point-of-failure. This means secured storage and protected data across the stack, and ultimately peace of mind.

Ceph is a trademark of Red Hat, Inc. Proxmox is a trademark of InkTank Storage, Inc. SkySilk is an independent cloud solutions provider and is not endorsed, sponsored, or affiliated with Red Hat, Inc., InkTank Storage, Inc., or Proxmox.