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NEW! – Premium AMD EPYC™ VPS Hosting now Available on West Coast

We are excited to announce the release of our premium AMD EPYC™ VPS hosting cluster in Los Angeles, now available for all users. These new VPS hosting plans include both Intel and AMD EPYC™ server CPUs on a Triple-Replicated NVMe SSD cloud server. This architecture is particularly designed to better handle client-server requests and accelerate the process of data transfer, querying, and processing for more intensive workloads. Fortunately, the time has come for all users to access these premium machines.


Premium VPS Hosting: How to try an AMD EPYC server

The steps below will guide you through how to deploy and test a new AMD EPYC™ server along with NVMe server technology.

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Note: The premium servers are currently only available in West Coast location.

  1. Login to your SkySilk account and navigate to your user VPS dashboard.
  2. Select “Create VPS”
  3. Within the plan configuration, select “Premium” and choose from any of the available resource options.
  4. Continue as normal with the VPS configuration options *(be sure to select “West Coast” for your data center location).
  5. Deploy!

Deploy a Premium Server

Need access to the SkySilk cloud platform?


In order to deploy an AMD EPYC™ VPS hosting plan, you will need access to the SkySilk platform. Simply select “Join” in the upper right-hand corner of this page or do so by clicking the link provided below. Once complete, follow the aforementioned steps to deploy an AMD EPYC™ server.

Get Access to Premium Servers


What’s different about SkySilk premium VPS hosting plans?

As previously mentioned, premium VMs are equipped with AMD EPYC™ server CPU as well as triple replicated NVMe server storage. Once all plans are available to the public, premium machines include free snapshots and backups, unlimited transfer, and a bandwidth of up to 400Mb/s. So what’s the synopsis of the hardware, and what makes it more efficient than a standard SSD cloud server?


AMD EPYC™ server CPU – The Power of 2 Sockets Built Into 1

As stated on the EPYC manufacturer’s website, AMD, “[The] AMD EPYC™ server technology provides up to 32 cores, 8 memory channels, and 128 PCIe 3.0 lanes per CPU unlocking capabilities and performance previously available only in 2-socket architectures”. The AMD EPYC™ server CPU provides the power of a 2-socket architecture in one, making for more efficient servers with higher compute capacity. The SkySilk premium hardware provides the option for both AMD EPYC™ 7601 and Intel CPU.

NVMe server technology – How this SSD cloud server stacks up against traditional SATA drives

NVMe is a storage protocol which accelerates the data transfer process between clients and the interacting systems. To put NVMe in comparison to traditional SATA disks, NVMe boasts a queue depth of 65,535 whereas SATA has a depth of 32. Having a more performant queue depth will eliminate any choking points that would otherwise become an issue when working with your virtual machine.

*All SkySilk premium hardware is built as an SSD cloud server with NVMe server Storage protocol and AMD EPYC™/Intel server CPU.


More premium VPS features and when you can access them

Diving further into the premium hosting, all plans within this tier will be eligible for a variety of other benefits once SkySilk is live to the public. First, is free backups & snapshots to ensure your data is protected before making drastic changes to your environment. The premium servers will also support up to 400Mb/s of bandwidth and unlimited transfer. Furthermore, premium plans come with priority support and 10x the amount of SkyPoints that users can earn. Try a premium AMD EPYC™ VPS today to improve your cloud performance and see which resources best fit your cloud workload.

Deploy a Premium VPS




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