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Magento VPS | Building A Magento eCommerce Site

Anyone who has ever considered starting up their own eCommerce website or business has, at some point, probably run into Magento. Where many other scripts, software, and plugins help make a small online store, they fall short when compared to a Magento VPS. A Magento eCommerce site is a true workhorse with both power and flexibility. It also has the customization that only open source can offer. 

Why Use Magento Ecommerce?

Magento VPS | Why Use Magento Ecommerce
Magento VPS | Why Use Magento Ecommerce

A Magento Virtual Private Server (VPS) is the best option! It is open source, flexible, and popular. Consequently, it has a deep network of support. When opening up a new eCommerce business, keep in mind the power and flexibility that is achieved when using Magento on a VPS with SkySilk!

Additionally, Magento software can be deployed in seconds; plain and simple. If for no other reason, that gives it a huge advantage. Magento eCommerce sites are more tailored to sell than any other eCommerce platform!

Its real power is freedom. It allows you the freedom to choose your own host, doesn’t penalize you for growing your business, and contains a vast library of third party apps to expand on the feature rich environment. Also, thanks to a Magento VPS modular environment, you can speed your online shop up like never before. A Magento server allows a user to cache web pages easily using Varnish, retrieve data from gigantic databases in milliseconds, then process queries in no time and load pages fast enough to please your impatient customers.

How Can A Magento VPS Hold Up To Search?

Now more than ever it is important to make web sites as SEO friendly as possible. However, anyone trying also knows the drudgery involved in optimizing every aspect of SEO. This is a big drag for large eCommerce sites running hundreds or thousands of pages.

Magento eCommerce websites save the trouble of creating SEO optimized URLs, meta tags, descriptions, URL rewrites, sitemaps, and more. Its source comes with all these features built in, saving lots of trouble and time.

Also, it has never been more pressing to have a mobile optimized site. However, now it is really easy to develop mobile friendly websites using HTML5 capabilities of a Magento VPS. A Magento server gives mobile sites audio/visual as well as drag and drop capabilities. It also gives gesture-based controls as well as image scaling for varying screen sizes.

The Real Power Of A Magento Server

Plugins & Extensions: The Real Power of a Magento Server
Plugins & Extensions: The Real Power of a Magento Server

With Magento eCommerce websites, you can run multiple websites on the same common back-end system.

Every website can have distinctly different layouts and designs with their own stores. Consequently, you can even have different domains for each site. Control all of them simultaneously through a single unified admin panel using a Magento server.

Additionally, most websites do not allow payments in international currencies. Fix this problem by building your Magento VPS which supports multiple currencies and tax rates. It supports customization of your site in local languages, right to left text, and local cookie notification policies.

Magento is a fantastic piece of software, with an ever growing database of themes, plugins, and support. Also, this does not even take into account the sheer power of the system on its own! If you are looking to start an eCommerce site soon, look no further than a Magento VPS running with SkySilk.

The High-Performance Nature of a Magento Server

Magento Server Usage Statistics
Magento Server Usage Statistics

A Magento server will win time and time again in page load speed, query processing time and other performance parameters. A few hundred milliseconds of delay in processing user requests can literally kill an eCommerce website’s potential to convert. Magento servers with high-end caching techniques such as Varnish and other DB optimization techniques leaves eCommerce enterprises with no complaints.

A Magento VPS has open system architecture; Magento eCommerce specialists can, therefore, help create appealing and highly unique user experiences corresponding to different types of access devices. It is also possible to add customized back-end workflows to meet specific business requirements. With Magento, a modular eCommerce solution at the core, there is control of how an eCommerce website looks and performs.

Using WordPress and Magento Together

Using WordPress and Magento together integrates your themes almost seamlessly. Additionally, it breaks down barriers to order completion and increases the ease of navigation between platforms. Also, WordPress allows you to promote your products more effectively. WordPress allows for better communication with customers, better SEO, and a user-friendly platform for product information management. Meanwhile, Magento can handle the ins-and-outs of the eCommerce business including creating and managing products, creating orders, and making shipments. The advantage created by connecting a Magento VPS to WordPress is astronomical!

Magento VPS: Using SkySilk for your Magento Ecommerce Site

SkySilk is uniquely adept at housing a Magento VPS. A Magento server has never been easier to set up! You can get started running your Magento instance today!

There are other useful SkySilk offerings that may help your Magento eCommerce business as well. Redmine, for example, is a powerful task manager with full customization and a wealth of plugins to advance its functionality to suit your needs. ownCloud is a cloud storgae/Dropbox alternative, that comes with many features great for file sync and data storage straight out of the box. And of course, as discussed above, WordPress can sync nicely with your Magento server to help really charge it’s ability to convert.


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