SkySilk is LIVE! Introducing a New Cloud VPS Hosting Platform

The clouds above have formed some new space for SkySilk as our new Linux VPS hosting platform is now live and available to the public! Being in beta since early 2017, we have become the home to more than 20,000 newly deployed virtual private servers around the world. SkySilk has had the opportunity to thoroughly test, improve stability, fortify server security to protect from malicious activity, implement new features, and create the most affordable, flexible cloud computing platform possible. As a result, our live launch comes with a list of new features and perks for all users to explore. With $1 VPS hosting options and going up from there, we are looking to offer some of the most affordable cloud computing available.

Use promo code “SKY95LIVE” to save 95% off your first month. Offer is valid for new users only.

A closer look into the SkySilk Linux VPS Hosting features.

SkySilk is a full-fledged cloud VPS hosting platform. We feature an all-in-one affordable cloud computing solution with simple 1-click deployments at the core of our products. Here is a look at some features which make up the SkySilk architecture:

  • Triple-replicated SSD Cloud Storage
  • 3 Gbps DDoS protection across all cloud VPS hosting plans
  • Tier-one enterprise hardware and data center security
  • Automatic/manual backups & snapshots
  • Up to 1 GB bandwidth (Premium tier)
  • $1 VPS hosting plans
  • Built-in SSH and VNC consoles
  • 1-Click Turnkey Linux App Deployments
  • 24-hr VPS scaling with “Boosts”
  • SkySilk mobile cloud app for management and deployments
  • Simple Linux VPS Hosting
  • and much more

Affordable Cloud Computing with $1 VPS hosting plans

All current and new users can now access all of the newly available Linux VPS hosting plans and platform features. As a result, there are 3 VPS Pricing tiers available for the resource plans: Basic, Standard, and Premium. Each of these start as low as $1, $2, and $5 a month, respectively. Each of the tiers contains a list of different resource plans to choose from to provide more flexibility with options to best suit a particular workload. Below are the comparisons of the 3 tiers, and what will be reflected on the front-end when creating a VPS.

affordable cloud computing prices with $1 VPS hosting plans

What are the main differences between SkySilk VPS Pricing tiers?

Each tier inherits a variety of specs which separate them. Most notably, the basic plan does not earn any SkyPoints (used for the rewards “cash-back” program), nor are backups & snapshots enabled. Additionally, the bandwidth offered between the tiers varies from 100 Mb/s (Basic) up to 1 GB (Premium). Although, one factor which stays consistent throughout the options is every server contains SSD storage.  Now that SkySilk is live anyone can sign up using the provided link below.

Sign Up & Start For $1/month

The architecture behind SkySilk Premium VPS plans

So what exactly sets the Premium tier apart from the rest? For those who aren’t as concerned with affordable cloud hosting as they are speed and performance, the Premium VPS tier is catered towards them. First of all, the Premium tier contains NVMe SSD and a choice between AMD EPYC or Intel Broadwell CPUs.

NVMe is a protocol which is designed to handle a command queue depth of up to 65,536 whereas traditional SATA drives hold roughly 32. These drives are built for data-intensive workloads, which eliminates the potential for bottle-necks due to the larger queue depth. In addition to NVMe SSD, premium VPS is built with AMD EPYC 7601 CPU which contains the power of a 2-socket architecture in 1. The EPYC processors also boast a 2.7 GHz top frequency on all cores and a 3.2 GHz max boost.

The AMD EPYC Cloud

As it was previously mentioned, the AMD EPYC server CPU is designed to contain the power of a 2-socket architecture in one. So what exactly does this mean? The AMD CPU contains specs which deliver performance which is typically only found in multiprocessor systems. 

First, the AMD EPYC has 128 PCIe lanes which deliver a greater bandwidth ability. This effectively pairs well with NVMe storage solutions (also found in SkySilk premium) allowing the technology to work at its intended capacity over these high-bandwidth lanes. The EPYC 7601 also provides up to 8 memory channels, which also traditionally requires a 2-socket system. 

Premium Linux VPS hosting with AMD Epyc CPU

Your type of project and personal preference will help in contributing which CPU processor to choose. If you aren’t sure, check out the Top Niche Markets for 2020.

A few more notable features of Premium VPS

Going down the list there are a few more notable features which separate the premium tier:

    • Manual & scheduled backups are free
    • Up to 1 GB/s Bandwidth
    • AMD EPYC cloud server CPU
    • Rapid NVMe Storage Solution
  • 10x SkyPoints earned (SkySilk rewards points)
  • Priority VPS support
  • Plans start as low as $5/month

Deploy a Premium VPS

The Deployment Process: Linux VPS Hosting in just a few clicks.

The SkySilk cloud VPS hosting configuration process offers simple deployments and root server access in just a few clicks. Users are given the ability to select their CPU hardware, resource plan, location to deploy, Turnkey Linux Apps and/or OS template, and to add an SSH key and/or password for their server.

Linux VPS Distros

OU current available Linux Distros include: CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Arch, OpenSUSE and more.

Linux OS distros

Linux VPS Apps & Tools

There are 40+ Turnkey Linux Apps & tools which can be deployed instantly with no manual installation required. These include WordPress, OpenVPN, Node.js, LAMP, Magento, GitLab, Django, NextCloud, amongst others.

Linux VPS hosting tools

More VPS configuration options

As aforementioned, there are currently two different regions in which to deploy a VPS: Los Angeles and New York. Along with a list of other features, the data center locations are also planned to be expanded upon to offer more global coverage. Also, the ability for users to add an SSH key is available which allows server access from both the built-in SSH console on the user dashboard or any third-party SSH client.

A New Rewards Program to earn Cash-Back on your transactions.

A unique aspect exclusive to SkySilk is the addition of a rewards program based on every Standard and Premium cloud VPS hosting transaction. 

SkyPoints & The SkySilk Rewards system explained

The SkySilk Rewards Program is a method in which SkySilk users can earn SkyPoints and save towards select Pre-Paid Visa, Best Buy, and Amazon gift cards or immediately towards SkySilk Account credit.

The value of 100 SkyPoints is equal to a $1.00 cash back value and are earned on every transaction. So for instance, if a monthly bill is $5.00, you will earn 5 SkyPoints back on a Standard level machine (Premium machines earn 10x SkyPoints!). As a result, this makes hosting with SkySilk an even more affordable cloud computing option beyond just face value.

There are many other ways to earn more SkyPoints which include following us on social media and the referrals program. Additionally, users who sign up today will earn an extra 500 SkyPoints (equivalent to $5.00 account credit) to start.

Sign Up and Earn 500 SkyPoints

SkySilk rewards program

SkySilk Referrals Program

In addition to SkyPoints, we also have an aggressive referrals program with no limit on the number of friends you can invite. The referral logic is as follows: 

  1. Send a friend your unique referral link directly, or an email containing the link.
  2. Once they’ve clicked on it and set up a SkySilk account, they will receive a $10 account credit immediately. (This can provide up to 10 months of free VPS with the $1 VPS hosting plan).
  3. When your friend has spent $50 within their first 12 months as a SkySilk member, you will receive 2500 SkyPoints (a $25.00 value!)

A growing community to share projects, ideas, and feedback.

Striving to be more than just a cloud VPS hosting provider, we also encourage our users to join in on the discussion. Important updates and technical content is routinely shared across social channels. Therefore, it would be prudent to stay up-to-date on contests and other special offers to earn discounts, SkyPoints, and more.

Follow SkySilk updates on Facebook, Twitter, and Discord.

In addition to social media updates, we also have own private Discord server. The server is active with hundreds of confirmed members and multiple topics of conversation both within the tech world and everyday life.

We invite our users to discuss the projects they’re working on and provide suggestions to SkySilk team members. Likewise, users can opt to just partake in general chat with the SkySilk community. All members of the Discord server are either verified SkySilk Users or official SkySilk Team Members.

Join the SkySilk Discord

A backend architected using open-source software.

Being transparent with our users is very important to us; we are a large proponent of open collaboration and the use of open-source software.


Proxmox VE is the virtualization hypervisor that powers the SkySilk Cloud Platform. This provides the ability to manage VPS, containers, clusters, storage, and networks quickly and securely. As a result, the Proxmox architecture also provides a fault-tolerant environment, enabling a system to operate efficiently given the event of any failure.

Proxmox management for cloud VPS hosting

Ceph Storage

Ceph storage is a software-defined storage and distributed file system which enables block and also object storage. Much like the Proxmox management solution, Ceph storage also provides a fault-tolerant architecture and adds flexibility with its rich feature set.

Linux Container Technology

LXC (Linux Container Technology) is an operating system level virtualization method. LXC runs multiple isolated Linux systems on a control host using a single Linux Kernel. As a result, it is the underlying mechanism which allows users to run Linux VPS containers rather than full virtual machines.

What to expect from the future of SkySilk VPS

Going forward, we will be working to routinely integrate new features and add constant improvements to our products. Hence the heavy involvement with the surrounding community, SkySilk plans to integrate user-requested features and suggestions as well. Most noteworthy being UI/UX updates, PayPal integration, more data center locations, KVM, and custom app templates. The SkySilk team wishes to always remain transparent and above all, open-minded to our users’ feedback and suggested features. You can read more about SkySilk in the media here as well. Finally, we will always strive to do that while offering the most affordable cloud computing services at the same time.

Use promo code “SKY95LIVE” to save 95% off your first month. Offer is valid for new users only.

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Welcome to your new home in the cloud!

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