CMS in the Cloud

Reasons to Switch to a Cloud-based CMS Solution

Today a content management system (CMS) is no longer a luxury it’s a necessity. With a CMS, creators like you can create and edit content that will increase your following. Many businesses depend on in-house CMS platforms. These are not only cumbersome for IT staff but for copywriters and marketing managers.

In-house CMS platforms also drain your company’s resources and finances. In the long run your costly in-house CMS becomes a liability rather than an asset.

What is Cloud CMS?

With in-house CMS solutions becoming liabilities, many companies are switching to cloud-based solutions. What is a cloud CMS? It’s a service deployed and maintained by a third-party cloud provider, and runs on a virtual machine that performs the same tasks as an in-house solution.

SkySilk cloud services provide hosting for hundreds of thousands of individual CMS to companies just like yours.

Why You Should Consider Changing to a Cloud CMS

If you’re currently using an in-house CMS, consider changing to a cloud CMS. There are five primary benefits you can get from making the switch.

  • Inexpensive Startup Cost

In-house CMS solutions can require purchase of license, installation, testing, and deployment. Unlike cloud-based CMS whose only cost is subscription fees. Your cloud provider is responsible for deployment and maintenance. You can rest assured knowing whenever you need additional resources or assistance, your cloud provider is ready and available.

  • Convenience

With an in-house CMS, a copywriter is restricted to specific tasks. Some in-house solutions have network connectivity and can be accessed when necessary. A cloud-based solution on the other hand can be accessed from anywhere, at any given time, from standalone or mobile devices.

  • Adaptability

For many in-house solutions, their models are based on a single setup. They are created to fit any business model with no room for customization. As a business you are left wondering if you’re going to get upgrades or not. This limits your customers’ ability.

This will cost you time and money. For cloud-based solutions, content creators have the ability to create content for specific markets, geo locations, and devices. With this adaptability, stakeholders can leverage content to beat out the competition.

  • Scalable

A CMS that cannot be scaled accordingly is a short term solution. As your company targets new markets, geo locations and leverages content for growth, your CMS must also be scalable to meet your growth needs.

  • Improved Security

Hacking news, ransomware, and identity theft makes headlines every day. Content creators must ensure their sensitive content is kept safe. Attacks can be triggered internally or externally.

For an in-house CMS, security is tasked to internal staff or contractors who can cost your company an arm and a leg. A cloud-based CMS security is tasked to your cloud provider. They regularly monitor and update security protocols ensuring your sensitive information is secure.

Make the Switch to a Cloud-based CMS Solution

Having covered the benefits of a cloud-based CMS solution, you have every reason to make the switch. It will not only benefit your company, but your customers will love you for producing content tailored for them. Leverage cloud for your content management systems!

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