Pine64 Linux Smartphone

Pine64 Linux Smartphone: BraveHeart

Have you heard of the new Pine64 Linux Smartphone? This new piece of tech that has some eyebrows raised is shipped by single-board manufacturer Pine Microsystems. It goes by the name “BraveHeart” and is a fully open-source Linux smartphone. The device is selling at a mere $149.99, and was built with the open-source community and developers in mind.

What Does This Mean for Linux Users?

It’s important to note that the phone does not feature any pre-installed operating systems. With that said, users will need to choose an operating system and set it up themselves. However, the phone is said to support all major Linux mobile operating systems, one example being Ubuntu Touch.

This is a platform intended for developers, therefore, the average user is going to have some difficulties with a phone like this.

On the official Pine64 store, one disclaimer reads: 

More specifically, only intend for these units to find their way into the hands of users with extensive Linux experience and an interest in Linux-on-phone.”

Pine64 Store

Pine64 Linux Smartphone - Pinephone "BraveHeart"

(screenshot credits: official pine64 store page)

Read more specs and documentation at the official store page:

“BraveHeart” Reawakening Community-Driven Softwares

With all things considered, a low-cost platform, fully open-source, and developer-driven smartphone is a step in the right direction. It is now common to find devices with restricted user access. For example, let’s take a look at the constant battles that Apple is facing in regards to right-to-repair laws. With the Pine64 Linux Smartphone as the new player on the street, this is a great opportunity for community-driven software to become more mainstream once again. 

As a Linux user, will you take “BraveHeart” to heart?

Privacy on Linux Smartphones

Another strong point that the Pine64 smartphone has on its side are the mechanisms for privacy. If you remove the back cover of the phone you’ll find switches that allow users to disable different features of the device. Features such as Bluetooth, GPS, WiFi and more. A simple option to have included that will make many more users feel at ease and comfortable in a world of constant privacy invasions and tracking. Afterall, no one WANTS to be spied on.. right? 

Pine64 Linux Smartphone - Pinephone "BraveHeart"

(image credits: Audioslack)

Pine64 stated that the new device is a major milestone. In fact, it has already begun to drum up understandable enthusiasm from the open-source and development community. 

What Will You Do With An Open-Source Linux Smartphone?

Just imagine the things you’d be able to do with an open-source smartphone. The integration possibilities alone are enough to get our train of thought rolling. Plus, being able to play with your own server from a small rectangle in your pocket is such a powerful, yet funny idea.

What are your thoughts? What would you build with this phone if you had one?

We at SkySilk value open-source and community-driven projects. We want to foster the idea that just because something wasn’t built at a huge expense by a large corporate office, doesn’t mean it may not end up being the best in its respective category. 

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