Advantages to On-Site Cloud Infrastructures

As developers continue the migration to the proverbial great white cloud in the sky, there are some aspects of cloud computing that remain constants, regardless of the medium or task at hand; security and availability. How secure is data on a public hybrid cloud as opposed to in one’s own rack or data center? How much access to my data do I have, and when? How does utilizing on-site cloud infrastructure make everyday business easier for IT professionals?

Public Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, and On-Site Cloud deployment all seem to make the same case as to why they each should be utilized; Security, Storage, and Compute power. Cloud computing as a whole has made it a no-brainer for big business to utilize remote cloud services, as it frees up the need for added resources, hardware, and personnel. However, that leaves IT Professionals in the dark as to how exactly their data is secured. Is the simplicity and scalability involved with having your own dedicated VPS worth trading security and peace of mind that comes along with an on-site cloud infrastructures? Most signs point to “yes” as the recent shift to the cloud will demonstrate, though that isn’t always the case.

On-site infrastructure isn’t going anywhere regardless of how big the remote cloud gets. The need for personnel who can troubleshoot and maintain physical servers will always be a consideration, whether it be on-site or remote. That’s not to mention the issues that come into play with latency or ease of data movement. With on-site deployment, these obstacles remain in the hands of your trusted staff or even better, you.

When evaluating which cloud platform you should use, keep in mind that not every project is meant to be hosted in a hybrid cloud. For those serious about data security and total hands on control, there is no beating on-site infrastructure. The low latency rates, easily managed visualization, and high levels of security associated with on-site rack management still outweigh the benefits that remote cloud computing have to offer.

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