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What Is SkySilk Cloud-In-A-Box?

SkySilk Cloud-In-A-Box is a comprehensive All-In-One virtualization solution that integrates four node compute and storage clusters into a 2U ultra-dense hyper-converged infrastructure.

Hypervisor Deployment
Fully Distributed
File System INCLUDED

No External SAN Needed!

Computing Resources
N+1 Fault Tolerance
from Hardware to Logical
No Vendor Lock-In
Private Cloud
2U Form Factor
Features Traditional
Cloud Deployment
Plug-and-Play Availability
No External SAN Necessary
Virtual Desktop (VDI) Support
Preconfigured Storage Clusters
Distributed File System at No Extra Cost
Integrated Automatic Backups/Snapshots
Complete Stack Functionality in 2U Form Factor

How Does It Work?

Deployment model
The internet
redundant firewalls
redundant load balancers
redundant private switches
redundant web servers
storage area network
high availability database center
The internet
SkySilk Cloud-In-A-Box provides optimized enterprise class features for IaaS (such as Integrated Backups/Snapshots, VDI Support, and more), alongside an intuitive web interface, designed to leverage resources to their fullest and reduce overall IT costs and administration resources

SkySilk has achieved a tightly integrated private cloud environment using open source components such as Linux KVM, Ceph™, and Open Vswitch, among others to manage virtual machines, protected storage, virtualized networks, and HA Clusters.

Utilizing Proxmox VE (​a complete open source server virtualization management solution) ​we are able to provide KVM and​ container-based virtualization with an easy to use front end GUI. By adding multiple SkyBlocks together, the cluster distributes all compute and storage loads across all available resources to create a highly available cluster without a single point of failure, all in the smallest possible footprint in your rack. Growing the cluster is painless simply connect another Cloud-In-A-Box, add it to the cluster through your personal control panel, and you’re ready to deploy your scalable workload!

Why skysilk Cloud-in-a-box?

SkySilk Cloud-In-A-Box solution can save any organization bounds of valuable time, resources, and money without the need for a dedicated SAN, shared storage, or a RAID controller. Our private cloud server provides optimized clustered compute resources and utilizes a fully clustered file system powered by Ceph™, an ​object-based storage system that enables fully distributed protected storage clusters to scale out seamlessly. In effect, SkySilk Cloud-In-A-Box provides a no single point of failure storage and compute system in just 2U of rackspace.

Our solution includes fully loaded backup functionality right out of the box, via either offline or online (live) backups. A full-featured integrated job scheduler with GUI controls is included and Cloud-In-A-Box employs all open source software without any vendor lock in, including KVM, OpenVSwitch and Ceph™, meaning there is no mandatory maintenance contracts, licenses, entitlements, or Veeam subscriptions required!

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30 days risk free!
Cloud In A Box Image Of Hardware

Introductory offer


  • Dell Poweredge™ C6220 Hyperscale 2U Chassis
  • 8X Intel Xeon® E5-2600 v2 Octa-Core Processors (64 Cores/128 Logical)
  • 256GB RAM Total (Upgradable to 2TB)
  • 20X 1TB 2.5" HDD 4X 200GB SSD
  • 4X 40Gb QDR Infiniband Host Adapter (2 Port)
  • 1X 40Gb QDR Infiniband 36 Port Switch
  • Proxmox VE 4.0 High Availability Cluster Preinstalled and Preconfigured
  • 1 Year Standard Proxmox Support Subscription
  • 4X 3M(~9FT) Infiniband Cables
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