Digital Marketing Strategist

Chatsworth, CA
Salary: $18.00 to $24.00 /hour

SkySilk Cloud Services is a cloud computing services provider. We are a small, yet quickly growing team of tech-heads working on building a product to help developers, students, businesses, and more work more efficiently on the internet through the use of virtual servers. This is an exciting time in our company and an opportunity to join our team on the ground floor.

We are looking for digital marketing wizards that have experience working with Google AdWords, Social Media Management, Landing Page Creation, Blog Content, and Community Engagement.

Those hired will have the opportunity to network throughout all levels of SkySilk’s organization, vendors, and clients which will facilitate the ability to form contacts and gain insights on future opportunities.

If you are interested, please respond with a cover letter and resume. If considered for a position, all applicants will be required to provide at least three references.

~Only applicants in Southern California available for in-person interviews will be considered.~

Digital Marketing Assistant Requirements will include:

  • Helping to brainstorm ways of reducing CPC, Cost-per-conversion, and optimizing ROI for running ad campaigns across all platforms
  • Brainstorm and generate new campaigns and ad group structure
  • Manage media high-quality media assets
  • Landing page SEO and UX brainstorming and design to be in line with proposed PPC campaigns
  • Optimize current PPC strategy for a range of clients, across browser and mobile
  • Implement A/B testing procedures and schedules to improve ROI
  • Keywords Research and Metadata Optimization
  • Paid Social Media Campaign Organization and Management
  • Negative keyword exclusions
  • Landing page testing and optimization
  • Goal/Event management to optimize lead generation and conversion funnel
  • Other ad hoc tasks

Familiarity or experience with virtual private servers, web/cloud computing, Linux/programming, IoT, Big Data, etc. is a plus.

Qualifications and Skills

  • Google AdWords & Analytics Certified
  • Have 2-5 years of direct experience with Google AdWords or an equivalent platform(s) developing PPC strategies
  • Proven, positive ROI on past projects relating to Google AdWords or an equivalent platform
  • Paid Campaign Budget management experience
  • Familiarity with MailChimp or similar Email Marketing Software
  • Have a comprehensive digital marketing experience through outside projects, prior jobs, and/or internships/co-ops
  • Have paid social media management experience
  • Be a self-starter and have demonstrated leadership experience
  • Possess people and teaming skills
  • Demonstrate written and oral communication skills
  • Currently majoring in or have already received an equivalent degree field (Marketing, Statistical, Finance, Business, etc.). Exceptionally talented individuals that are not in a specific major will also be considered and are encouraged to apply.
  • Graphic/Design Experience a HUGE plus but not required

SkySilk Cloud Services Team Member Benefits/Perks:

  • Relaxed work environment– We embrace the startup culture and want to provide an experience our employees love. We look to hire down-to-earth, tech-savvy individuals of all backgrounds who (we think) are fun to sit down and have a beer with at the end of (or during) a long day.
  • Health Coverage Benefits– All SkySilk employees are offered optional health coverage through Kaiser Permanente via a benefits package of their choosing.
  • Competitive salary– Echoing what was said above, we want our employees to feel comfortable and appreciated. All Digital Marketing Strategist positions start at $18.00/hour and are negotiable based on prior experience and the outcome of any potential interview.
  • Room to Grow –We are a team looking to grow fast and want to find others who want to grow with us.
  • Flexible weekly schedules, self-manage and work remote– Our product is working 24/7/365, as such the conventional 9-5 schedule doesn’t quite fit this role. Some people work better early in the morning, others later in the evening; chances are we will have a shift that works best with your workflow.
  • Fully stocked break room w/ snacks & drinks of choice– Our modest break room is always packed full of energy-based snacks as well as unlimited coffee, juices, energy drinks, and waters.
  • Free catered Friday lunches– Every Friday we get to enjoy catered lunches from local businesses, with a menu that changes weekly.
  • All-inclusive reimbursement for business-related trips/events– All travel, food, and lodging expenses for any SkySilk related expenditures are fully covered.
  • Company Events & Retreats– Every once and a while we like to let loose, have fun, and celebrate the great work we do together. Throughout the year we have fun events and meetups that in the past have included trips to Las Vegas, Company Picnics/Gambling Nights, and other fun events.
  • Fully Paid HolidaysYay holiday pay!
  • Ten fully paid vacation days per year –PTO is extended to all SkySilk employees after one year of employment.
  • Free use of all SkySilk Services, Tools, and Platform (cloud storage, file management, website hosting, application hosting, etc.) –Take advantage of our premium cloud hosting tools to build and host your very own applications and projects!

Job Types: Full-time

Salary: $18.00 to $24.00 /hour

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