Cloud Migration

What Are Cloud Migration Services

Are you failing financially with your on-site IT framework? If so, you’re one of many businesses that needs to harness the power of the cloud. You can do this by using cloud migration services.

Cloud Migration in a Nutshell

Cloud migration is the movement of information or apps to a cloud-based framework. There are two kinds of cloud migration an enterprise can use. One is the transfer of data and apps from an on-site option to either a private cloud the second is on-site migration to the public cloud.

Why shift to the cloud? The on-site framework is archaic, unstable, and spacious. It also hinders your organization’s ability to grow. Shifting to the cloud makes your business more competitive and flexible, provides disaster recovery plans, protects your important data, and helps you save hundreds or even thousands of dollars. 

The Meaning of Cloud Migration Services

Cloud migration services are an easy way for businesses to shift to the cloud and use its tools for seamless migration. A cloud service provider such as SkySilk provides mechanisms and services for ease of migration of your apps and data.

Should an organization require technical expertise, it can employ the services of a cloud provider. These cloud providers eliminate the unpredictability of shifting your valuable information by providing custom-made solutions tailored to your needs. Your cloud provider handles the timing, budgeting, and services of your migration. They do this while reducing downtime and minimizing interruptions to your business.

Why You Must Shift Your Business to the Cloud

Shifting your business to the cloud is a priority. There are 4 main advantages that growth-focused businesses can harness through the power of the cloud.

  • Cost-cutting

Close to 50% of businesses say that cloud technology reduces their IT spending by 30-50%. If your business optimizes cloud technology use, you will save money and increase the predictability of your business IT expenditure.

This is due to the fact that your business only pays for the services it uses, rather than spending an unnecessary amount on expensive and unreliable on-site framework.

  • Independence and Adaptability

The contemporary business atmosphere is shifting as is personnel priorities. In case your business is considering hiring remote personnel, changing offices, or assuring personnel are flexible enough to work from anywhere, your IT framework must be reliable and adaptable.

Cloud computing services promote remote working capabilities. Once you have the right cloud provider that supports mobile capabilities and a reliable cloud framework, your business prospers from added productivity.

  • Scalable Options

If your organization is contemplating growth, cloud migration is the ideal answer for you. The scalability of the cloud allows you to increase and cut down the resources as you please. That said, if you have a new app that needs to be distributed or you need to store additional data, you can have peace of mind that you’ll be covered with your existing framework.

  • Secure

According to a survey released by Spiceworks, 98% of organizations run on-site hardware. This is an expensive venture as these organizations spend millions securing their hardware and software. Using on-site hardware runs the risk of being hacked and losing crucial data.

There is good news as cloud computing provides exceptional security for your data and apps. For example, SkySilk provides inbuilt antivirus and DDoS protection. This helps protect your data from prying eyes and minimizes the risk of you being hacked.

Cloud Migration with SkySilk

Bad news, on-site IT framework is a liability to your business. Without the cloud’s scalable options, independence and adaptability, your business will stagnate when it is time to grow. The good news is, cloud migrations aren’t complicated. With the right processes and strategy, you can move your data and apps seamlessly.

If you’re contemplating migrating your valuable information to the cloud and need assistance, reach out to one of our SkySilk’s representatives today. We are here to help!

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