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How The Private Cloud Model For Cloud Computing Can Save Your Business Money

56 percent of companies worry about what they spend daily.  It’s no surprise as finance drives business forward. But it should be the least of a company’s worries if they have adopt cloud computing.

Cloud computing contains a plethora of benefits and is gaining more and more traction every year. The cloud is not new technology but many companies are behind in adopting cloud solutions. Most are afraid to adopt the cloud because of perceived expense.

There are two main types of cloud solutions, public cloud and private cloud. The two work similarly, but the private cloud is more cost effective. This article breaks down the benefits of the private cloud and how it can reduce your expenses.

Reduced Hardware Expenses

On-premises hardware is costly. Maintaining a server room is even more expensive and it wastes space. These are problems that the cloud doesn’t have.

With the cloud on-premises hardware is minimal, saving you a bundle in maintenance costs. Your cloud service provider takes care of equipment maintenance, repair, and replacement.

At SkySilk we have a private cloud service that’s tailored to your company’s needs. Call us up to find out what options are available for you. We have money saving options for every business. 

Software Savings

After adopting the cloud your staff will use the internet to gain access to software and data. With the cloud, paper copies are a thing of the past.

Your cloud service provider is tasked with installing updates and patches on your infrastructure. Whenever there is a new software update they will make sure that it’s running in tip-top shape. You won’t need to hire a personal technician for your company as your service provider takes care of those services.

Your service provider will provide you with support should you have an issue with your software. The private cloud also ensures minimal downtime. So if you have costly software, it’s probably time you adopt a private cloud host.


Close to 20% of companies close during their first year due to monetary pressure. With limited capital, financing an on-premise infrastructure will be intimidating. A cloud computing environment assures your capital is well spent.

Pricing for cloud computing is pay-as-you-go. This gives your business flexibility so you save money. The upfront costs of your cloud solution are less than an on-premise option. Consider the cloud, if you have limited capital, as the plans are flexible and won’t burn your hard-earned cash.

Reduced Employee Costs

Employee onboarding can burden your IT costs. Onboarding eats up more than half of your IT costs and experienced staff can be quite costly. If you have an on-premise IT team, you’ll be required to pay top dollar for their services.

They will also require additional training causing downtime costing you money. Why would you want your company to suffer when you can employ the all-inclusive services of a cloud provider?

The cloud will save you the money that you would have used to hire a full-time team. You’ll be able to control your payroll expenses without problems.

Energy Economization

In 2020 electricity usage in America was 13.2 kilowatts per hour. This usage was high in private and commercial areas. Depending on the type of company you own, electricity expenses can be pricey.

On-premise infrastructure uses lots of electricity. Theat hardware will need to run 24/7 if you intend on doing international business. The cloud infrastructure uses less electricity and your cloud provider will ensure that your website runs whenever you do business.

Your cloud service provider has more resources, providing you with better power management and efficiency. You’ll only be allocated the resources that you need. Substantially reducing your electricity bill, saving your money in the long run.

With Cloud Computing Your Business Will Save Money

It’s no secret that migrating to cloud computing will save you money. You will see an improvement in productivity and a drop in maintenance costs.

If you have yet to migrate to the cloud, you’re missing out on all the financial benefits. The cloud service provider you choose determines how much your business will save. Working with a trustworthy cloud service provider like SkySilk will cut costs, give you a stable cloud hosting environment, great security, and minimal downtime.

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